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Sang and played guitar on Family Affair

Read a poem on Memorial Day 2002 in Washington DC, written by a girl whose father, a fire chief, died saving lives in 9/11.

Parents are Allan and Patrice Wachs.

Younger brother, Whitman Wachs, born 2000.

Last name is pronounced "Wax".


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Actress - filmography
(In Production) (2000s) (1990s)

  1. Mary Worth (2006) (in production) .... Mary Worth

  2. "Masters of Horror"
        - Pro-Life (2006) TV Episode .... Angelique
  3. "Commander in Chief"
        - Unfinished Business (2006) TV Episode .... Rebecca Calloway
        - Happy Birthday, Madam President (2006) TV Episode .... Rebecca Calloway
        - The Elephant in the Room (2006) TV Episode .... Rebecca Calloway
        - Ties That Bind (2006) TV Episode .... Rebecca Calloway
        - The Price You Pay (2006) TV Episode .... Rebecca Calloway
          (14 more)
  4. Kids in America (2005) .... Katie Carmichael
  5. "Cracking Up"
        - Daddy's Home (2004) TV Episode .... Chloe Shackleton
        - Learning Disability (2004) TV Episode .... Chloe Shackleton
        - Prom Night (2004) TV Episode .... Chloe Shackleton
        - Grudge Match (2004) TV Episode .... Chloe Shackleton
        - Panic House (2004) TV Episode .... Chloe Shackleton
          (1 more)
  6. Inspector Gadget 2 (2003) (V) .... Penny
    ... aka IG2 (USA: poster title)
  7. "Family Affair" (2002) TV Series .... Sigourney 'Sissy' Davis
  8. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002) .... Little Vivi Abbott
  9. Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch (2002) (V) .... Andrea Framm
    ... aka Tobby, le frappeur étoile (Canada: French title)
  10. Thirteen Days (2000) .... Kathy O'Donnell
    ... aka Thirteen Days (USA)
  11. Phantom of the Megaplex (2000) (TV) .... Karen Riley
  12. "Shasta McNasty"
    ... aka Shasta (USA: second season title)
        - Play Dead, Clown (2000) TV Episode .... Chloe
  13. The Next Best Thing (2000) .... Rachel
  14. "Judging Amy"
        - The Wee Hours (2000) TV Episode .... Grace Frame
  15. My Dog Skip (2000) .... Rivers Applewhite
  16. Air Bud: World Pup (2000) (V) .... Andrea Framm
    ... aka Air Bud 3 (USA)
    ... aka Tobby III: Le chien étoile (Canada: French title)

  17. "Popular"
        - Slumber Party Massacre (1999) TV Episode .... Young Brooke
  18. Shiloh 2: Shiloh Season (1999) .... Dara Lynn Preston
    ... aka Shiloh 2: Shiloh Season (Australia: video title)
  19. "The Pretender"
        - At the Hour of Our Death (1999) TV Episode .... Faith Parker
  20. "Profiler" .... Chloe Waters #1 (1996-1998)
        - The Root of All Evil (1998) TV Episode .... Chloe Waters #1
        - Bloodlust (1998) TV Episode .... Chloe Waters #1
        - Birthright (1998) TV Episode .... Chloe Waters #1
        - Second Best (1997) TV Episode .... Chloe Waters
        - Primal Scream (1997) TV Episode .... Chloe Waters #1
          (2 more)
  21. "Early Edition"
        - Home (1997) TV Episode .... Annie Anderson
  22. Shattered Mind (1996) (TV) .... Molly
    ... aka The Terror Inside
  23. Race Against Time: The Search for Sarah (1996) (TV) .... Amy
  24. "The Bold and the Beautiful"
    ... aka Belleza y poder (USA: Spanish title)
        - Episode #1.2155 (1995) TV Episode .... Bridget Forrester
        - Episode #1.2117 (1995) TV Episode .... Bridget Forrester
        - Episode #1.2072 (1995) TV Episode .... Bridget Forrester
        - Episode #1.2068 (1995) TV Episode .... Bridget Forrester
  25. "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
        - Save the Last Trance for Me (1995) TV Episode .... Penny Jillette
  26. "Days of Our Lives" (1965) TV Series .... Jeannie Donovan #3 (1992)
    ... aka Cruise of Deception: Days of Our Lives (USA: new title (summer title))
    ... aka DOOL (USA: informal short title)
    ... aka Days (USA: short title)

Self - filmography
(2000s) (1990s)

  1. "I Married a Princess"
        - Malibu Charity Bash (2005) TV Episode .... Herself
  2. Behind the Scenes of 'Inspector Gadget 2' (2003) (V) .... Herself
    ... aka The Making of 'Inspector Gadget 2' (Australia: DVD box title)

  3. Disney Sing-Along-Songs: Beach Party at Walt Disney World (1995) (V) .... Herself

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